Saturday July 27, 2024 from 11:59 AM to 10:30 PM

Once a year, the Alchemy Comedy Theater produces all of our shows in one big day. If you like to laugh, there's something in here for you.

About this event

If you like comedy, there's something in this Marathon for you. Individual tickets are available for all shows, or see every show in the marathon—and save —with this 11-Hour Pass!



12:00pm - Literary Legends Family Show

Our favorite improv comedy games and scenes inspired by children's stories.


1:30pm - House Party's RoundTrip, Mel, Elemental, Sketch

Four of our newest improv teams back to back to back


3:00pm - Improv 301 Student Showcase

Our recent class graduates try their skills on the stage


4:30pm - Laugh Track: Improvised TV Channel Surfing

Fast-paced mix of short improv games and scenes touring through TV Land


6:00pm - Haymaker, Laughing Stock, and Murder Mystery

Features three of Greenville's best groups performing improv comedy


7:30pm - Improv All-Stars: Interactive, Clean Comedy Games

Veteran Alchemy performers take to the stage for your favorite clean improv games


9:00pm - Stand-up Meets Improv: A Combination Comedy Show

This unique show combines the best of stand-up with improvisation.


10:30pm - Finale Bit Show

A collection of everything funny we couldn't fit in the last 10.5 hours.