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Private Shows, Group Workshops, and Fun!

The Alchemy Comedy Theater is not only committed to weekly shows in downtown Greenville, but also to spreading the practical benefits of improv comedy throughout the Southeast. As a local theater, small business, and active member of Greenville business associations, we offer a variety of shows and workshops that can all be tailored to your needs.

Private Shows: Speciality performances can be done at our downtown theater or delivered to any location. We'll create a fully improvised show inspired by your input and the audiences suggestions. If you want, we can even get some of your bravest on stage with us! Here’s an example of a specialized show we did for TEDx Greenville.

Group Workshops: Whether it’s for a business or a birthday party, have our training center instructors work on everything from team building, active listening, creative thinking, and branding. The applications of improvisational comedy are endless. Let us know how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Performing Talent: We also have a diverse group of performers ready to help you create your project. Our company has over 80 players who can act, write, photograph, and of course improvise. Here’s an example of a corporate training video we helped write and act in.

*Package pricing varies based on needs so please contact us online or by phone at 864-256-1467.


Blumenthal hired Harrison Brookie to teach an advanced level improv workshop for experienced improvisers. Harrison was able to connect with the class participants and challenged their technique in developing a scene with constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.
Jenny Kabool (Blumenthal Performing Arts Center)

Thanks for an amazing training session. Everything about the session was comfortable and fun. The team building exercises were helpful in integrating our new teachers. The biggest takeaway is... "work through uncomfortable situations". And..."There's No wrong answer". We also were able to get an appreciation for what our students feel like when they Perform or Speak to Peers and Pros.
Rick Schwartz (NEXT High School)

The workshop Alchemy did for us really got us off to a great start for the new year. Prior to this workshop, our team was already pretty comfortable with each other, but the idea of getting up and performing in front of our peers was enough to get some nerves going. But our teams calmed down right away once because of the fun games and the instructor’s calm demeanor. We really focused on the ideas of “Yes and” and creating an environment where many people could share in telling the same story. These ideas are super important to our team because we are very focused on brand marketing and to have all of us creating something new together could not have been more beneficial. I think everyone was surprised by how creative they could be without any kind of preplanning or script! Positive feedback across the board. We can’t wait to have another workshop with you guys!
Lindsay Heyman (Techtronic Industries Power Equipment)

Met with our team for a two hour session focused around “Yes, And” (the idea that the more we say yes, the more opportunities we create for ourselves, both in a business sense & in improv). They took us through multiple warm up exercises & then split us in to two groups for a more focused, hands-on lesson in improv. In the beginning, we felt a little uncomfortable & awkward performing in front of our teammates, but with a little practice & the help of our teachers, we were able to learn & laugh at ourselves by the end of the session. I would highly recommend working with the Alchemy Comedy Theater for a fun, interactive team-building session!
Heather G. (Intercontinental Hotels Group)

Alchemy Improv is a great way to break the ice on getting your middle school kids interested in acting and the performance aspects of English-Language Arts. The teaching artists made improv comedy fun and accessible for even the most reluctant students, and my students loved having the opportunity to learn from the best improv group in town. We will definitely use them again.
Jennifer J. (Sterling Middle School)

Alchemy Comedy was the perfect addition to our client appreciation event! We loved the variations of games that the troupe played and that they got our clients involved with the show! The positive feedback continues to pour in from our event’s guests.
Chelsea A. (Ballentine Capital Advisors)

The experience was AMAZING! Team member Susan Donkers expressed our collective excitement when she shared this morning: “The party was super!! Building ideas through ‘Yes And,’ using the collaborative to create better content, being bold, telling a story together, jumping in to rescue your partners, connecting improvisational comedy to business and to TEDx; wow!”
Lisa C. (TEDx Greenville) 

Feedback has been off the charts! You da man! Can’t thank you enough for joining us and we’d love to have you back for future events. Keep up the good work.
Tripp J. (Chamber of Commerce, Nonprofit Alliance)

On behalf of the Greenville County Museum of Art, I would like to thank the team from Alchemy Comedy Theater for participating in our Sunday at 2 series on March 2, 2014. This weekly program was developed to help museum visitors make connections to the visual arts, but also consider how the performing arts can enhance the museum experience. In particular, we invited Alchemy to join us to explore the process of improvisation, and consider how creativity and collaboration bring ideas together to create something original. We would welcome the opportunity to have you back again.
Ellen W. (Greenville County Museum of Art)

Thank you for leading such an awesome session on Thursday evening. It definitely accomplished my objective of getting people loose and comfortable with their groups and feeling okay making a fool of themselves. I’ve heard great feedback from folks already and the cateres kept saying, “This is the most fun event we’ve worked. Harrison was so funny.” Thanks for getting everything together on such short notice.
Kelly B. (Greenville Chamber, PULSE)

Our staff of 60 attended an Alchemy Improv workshop for a fun staff development event. While our roles vary, many of the staff work directly with the public, and several others have to market and promote our services. We are all in “public speaking” capacities at some point or another. The workshop was an excellent way for us to gain more confidence in that role. We also really honed in on the mantra of creating a “Yes environment”, and have had further discussion of the importance of YES in service roles. Overall, the players were engaging, enthusiastic, and entirely entertaining. In a world of team building through ropes courses and bowling, this was a new and fun way to enjoy our colleagues. We have really gotten such great feedback from the team – there is NOT ONE person that complained (we have at least one every time, so you guys are leaps and bounds above the other activities we’ve done).
Melanie G. (Goodwill)

Thank you for entertaining us during our annual emergency team banquet. Everyone I talked with enjoyed you and the skits you played out. I think the audience interaction games were the most enjoyable to everyone, especially the one with one of the MET members acting out two different scenarios with you and Meg. Great Job – I’m amazed how quickly you are able to think on your feet.
Thomas K. (Michelin)

I heard lots of positive comments about yesterday. People enjoyed the experience and took away something to use in their on-the-job daily doings.
John B. (Brains on Fire Advertising)