Improv 000: Open Practice

Saturday July 13, 2024 from 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM

Unlike our weekly shows or 6-week classes, this monthly open practice runs every Second Saturday for current or interested performers.

About this event

This is not a show and not a typical Alchemy class. Although it requires no comedy or theater experience, it is best used for current students or performers to get extra practice time on the Alchemy stage. There is no audience for Improv 000's.

These practices are free for current Alchemy Performers and Students (though they must pre-register). However, anyone interested can also register online for $10. All participants must pre-register online (registration closes at 4:00 PM). However, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late you may lose your reservation.


Since 2011, the Alchemy Comedy Theater has been running weekly improv shows in Downtown Greenville, SC. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 and 9:00 pm there is a completely new comedy show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Greenville has street parking available as well as several nearby parking garages.