FESTIVAL SHOW PASS: Access to all New South Comedy Festival shows

Thursday November 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM to Saturday November 16, 2019 at 11:30 PM


Individual tickets are available for all shows, or see every show in the festival (an over $300 value) with this Full Festival Show Pass!

10 days. 24 shows. 250 performers! From November 7-16th, improvisors, stand-up comedians, and sketch comedy guests from across the country will converge on Greenville, SC for the 6th Annual New South Comedy Festival.

Seating is limited, so it's always wise to pre-purchase your tickets online. All shows will be at the Alchemy Comedy Theater in downtown Greenville, SC. Street parking is available (if you're lucky), along with several nearby parking garages.

Comedy workshops will also be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on both weekends.

Thursday, November 7th @ 7:30pm
STAND-UP COMEDY from Tanner Riley (Charleston, SC), Laura Connell (Greenville, SC), Ben Collins (Louisville, KY), Chris Martin (Atlanta, GA), Chris Freeland (Greenville, SC), and Shaunak Godkhindi (Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, November 7th @ 9:00pm
STAND-UP COMEDY from Collin Segura (Aiken, SC), Jarrell Williams (Greenville, SC), Ben Popkin (Atlanta, GA), Alex Hofford (Raleigh, NC), and William Kean (New York, NY)

Friday, November 8th @ 6:00pm
STAND-UP MEETS IMPROV Comedy Jam featuring local and traveling comics

Friday, November 8th @ 7:30pm
STAND-UP COMEDY from Ray Jubela (Gaithersburg, MD), Alex White (Satsuma, AL), Kat Belinfante (Brooklyn, NY), Abby Washuta (Hoboken, NJ), and Joel Byars (Atlanta, GA)

Friday, November 8th @ 9:00pm
STAND-UP and IMPROV COMEDY from Adrian Harris (Springfield, VA), Vickie Plummer (New York, NY), Andrew Cornelius (Los Angeles, CA), and Local Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)

Friday, November 8th @ 10:30pm
SKETCH COMEDY from The Bustercups (Columbia, SC), Unstoppable Failure (Greensboro, NC), and Bob Beshere (Greensboro, NC)


Saturday, November 9th @ 6:00pm
LIVE COMEDY PODCAST from Hot Breath! with Joel Byars (Atlanta, GA): Your Weekly Guide to Comedy Mastery

Saturday, November 9th @ 7:30pm
SKETCH COMEDY from Mon Frere (Greensboro, NC) and Butcher Stories (Charleston, SC)

Saturday, November 9th @ 9:00pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Improv Charlotte (Charlotte, NC), Wolfsredel (Chapel Hill, NC), and Four First Names (Orlando, FL)

Saturday, November 9th @ 10:30pm
MID-FESTIVAL FINALE featuring a mix of Stand-up, Sketch, and Improv from Emily Via (NYC), Cordero Wilson (NYC), Mattea Greene (LA), sketchs sampler, and Local Legends All-Stars (Everywhere, USA)


Sunday, November 10th @ 7:30pm
All-Star Local Legends: Improv Inspired by poetry from Wits End Poetry


Monday, November 11th @ 7:30pm
STAND-UP COMEDY from Greenville’s No Expectations All-Stars


Tuesday, November 12th @ 7:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Alchemy's Improv 101 students, Never Decaf Improv (Greer, SC), and Hijinx (Greenville, SC)


Wednesday, November 13th @ 7:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Alchemy's Improv 201 students Laughing Stock Improv (Greenville, SC), and Mom's New Girlfriend (Greenville, SC)


Thursday, November 14th @ 7:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from The Mothers (Columbia, SC), Syndication (Greenville, SC), and Aftermath (Asheville, NC)

Thursday, November 14th @ 9:00pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Tribute (Greenville, SC), Reasonably Priced Babies (Asheville, NC), and Clementine (Atlanta, GA)


Friday, November 15th @ 6:00pm
YOUTH IMPROV COMEDY from NiX Comedy (Greenville, SC), Adliberation (Greenville, SC), and Get the Hook (Burnsville, NC)

Friday, November 15th @ 7:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Cold Hearted Mother Effers (Atlanta, GA), Kissmet (Greenville, SC), Co-Workers (Atlanta, GA)

Friday, November 15th @ 9:00pm
Orange Tuxedo (Los Angeles, CA) and  Local Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)

Friday, November 15th @ 10:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from The Bed (Atlanta, GA) and Kenny/Rogers (Austin, TX)


Saturday, November 16th @ 6:00pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Now Are the Foxes (Charlotte, NC), Haymaker (Greenville, SC), and Impromptu (Sarasota, FL)

Saturday, November 16th @ 7:30pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Mouthband (Greenville, SC), Group Therapy (Atlanta, GA), and Milk and Cookies (Miami, FL)

Saturday, November 16th @ 9:00pm
IMPROV COMEDY from Jarn & Karl (Atlanta, GA), Abraham (Greenville, SC), and Orange Tuxedo (Los Angeles, CA)

Saturday, November 16th @ 10:30pm
FESTIVAL FINALE featuring Co-Workers (Atlanta, GA), Festival Super Group, and Local Legends Festival All-stars (Everywhere, USA)