Harrison Brookie

Photo courtesy of KevinPatrickRobbins.com

Founder, Executive Producer, and Artistic Director

In 2004, Harrison began performing short-form, long-form, and sketch comedy with Clemson University’s Mock Turtle Soup. Later he helped create Clemson’s first satirical newspaper, The Almond. In 2008, he moved to North Carolina and joined the DSI Comedy Theater becoming a resident instructor and ComedySportz, Harold, and Mister Diplomat cast member. He has been a festival instructor for the Boston Comedy Arts Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. He completed the iO training center in Chicago and  has read most improv books worth reading. In 2011, Harrison moved back to his hometown of Greenville, SC with his wife and soon-to-be-daughter to found the Alchemy Comedy Theater and continue teaching high school social studies. Since then he’s helped grow the Greenville comedy scene with live shows, a training center, corporate events and workshops, and performing and emceeing in Greenville TEDx.

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