Truth Be Told


Alchemy Comedy Theater does more than just comedy. We’ve been utilizing Greenvile’s amazing storytelling talents for our flagship improv show, Local Legends since 2011. Now stories have a show of their own show.  Truth Be Told is our monthly live storytelling show featuring true stories from local tellers. The show features 5 or 6 guests, so 5 or 6 stories total. This show is not intended to be entirely comedy and often features stories of a serious and adult tone. No notes. All heart.


Here’s the list of our previous guests:

February 25th (FRIENDSHIP): Henry Ballard, Jenn Parker, Craig Holcombe, Lindsey Jones, Art Sturtevant, Gail Preston
December 16th (OVERWHELMED): Lindsay Heyman, Meg Pierson, Justina Sparling, Della Scott, Jehan Azad
November 19th (TRADITION): Walter Ezell, Nico Estevez, Jacki Flynn, Andy Roark, Terri Woodrome
October 8th (SUPERNATURAL): Brandon Rainwater, Art Sturtevant, Shama Mrema, Ruth Aronoff, Nathan Sanders
September 16th (SCHOOL): Lena Roper, Dr. Laura Olson, Adrienne Burris, Manus Clancy, Harrison Brookie
July 30th (LOCAL): Art Sturtevant, Cate Blouke, Darren Hudak, Evan Harris, Teddi Fishman
June 11th (SUMMER): Traysie Amick, Ben Burris, Jeff Melton, John Oliver, Maren Reaves
May 7th (CHILDHOOD): Eryn Woo, Manus Clancy, Cat Stoddard, Maggie Heinbaugh, Darren Hudak, Laura Olson
April 1st (UNBELIEVABLE): Sharon Nalley, Josh Sorrells, Matt McAlister, Karen Pere-Williams, Shelton Ridge Love, Brandon Rainwater
March 12th (TRANSFORMATION): Meg Pierson, Derrick Goodwin, Callie Sharon, Alison Gray,  Ben Atkins, Jehan Azad
February 12th (LOVE): Alex Parks, Pat Jobe, Ben Riddle, Lisa Harrison, Teddi Fishman, Katie Guptill
January 16th (LETTING GO): Anna Katherine Freeland, Seth Stewart, Heather Detzer, Larry Simonson, Terri Woodrome
December 19th (JOY): Andy Roark, Lena Roper, Jason Farr, Art Sturtevant, Molly Collins, Lindsey Jones
November 30th (FAMILY): Shivani Nadarajah, Emily Reach White, Precious Bivings, Andy Roark, Parker Brookie, Carrie Adams
October 30th (FEAR): Chris White, Jay Spivey, Walter Ezell, Katie Steenerson, Adrienne Burris, Alrinthea Carter