Andrew Van

Andrew Van

Performing Member

Local Greenville native Andrew Van fell in love with improv back in high school and watching “Whose Line” during college. He started his comedy career online in 2011 by co-creating and hosting his podcast “Certifiable Total Recall”. In his first 2 years at Alchemy Comedy, Andrew has served as House Manager, coach, and assistant teacher all while performing on several house teams. Andrew occasionally performs stand-up comedy which is based on his daily observations, pop culture, impressions, and stories from his childhood.

As a member of Alchemy Comedy, Andrew has taken workshops from improv instructors from all over including Jill Bernard of HUGE Theater, Zach Ward of DSi Comedy, Greg Tavares and John Brennan of Theatre 99, James Robilotta and Kaila Mullady of North Coast, Magnet Theater instructors Peter McNerney, William Kean, Branson Reese, Chet Siegel, Micah Sherman of The People’s Improv Theater, Matt Rogers and Douglas Widick of Pop Roulette, Gustavo Rocha of IEA in Chile, Jimmy Carrane from Improv Nerd Podcast, and Charna Halpern the founder of iO and co-creator of long-form improvisation. Additionally Andrew has also learned from all four members of The Four Humors of Alchemy Comedy, Harrison Brookie, Meg Pierson, Ben Burris, and Jason Underwood.

Andrew teaches an improv workshop titled “Filling In The Space” in which he teaches players to focus on being comfortable on stage with one another in order to create a natural improv scene based on trust.

Andrew performs on several Alchemy house teams including Means To An End (with Jason Farr), Bangarang (Bruise), Sketch Review, Homage, King of The Mountain, and the Improv All Stars.

Andrew’s Teams: Sketch Review, Homage, King of The Mountain, and the Improv All Stars. .