Stand-Up Comedy

Alchemy Comedy is committed to producing live comedy to Greenville in all forms. We specialize in improv comedy, but also feature regular stand-up comedy shows. Although we primary support local comics, we’ve also featured many up-and-coming national headliners. Here are some of our favorites:

Joe Zimmerman (New York City)
Ben Palmer (Atlanta)
Boris Khaykin (New York City)
Joseph Reese (Chicago)
Crazy Boris (Los Angeles)
Viet Huynh (Gainesville)
Tom Scheve (Asheville)
Damon Sumner (Atlanta)
Liza Dye (New York City)
Krish Mohan (Pittsburg)
Comedian Landry (Atlanta)
Cary Goff (Asheville)
Licita Cromer (SC’s Funniest Comic 2016)
Chris Moo-Moo Phillips (Anderson)
Jason King (Charlotte)
Stewart Huff (Atlanta)
Jeremy McLellan (Charleston)
Jenn Snyder (Columbia)
Nathan Owens (Atlanta)
William Kean (New York City)
Nick Murphy (Asheville)
Andrew Wright (Atlanta)
Mimi Benfield (Charlotte)
Mike Haun (Atlanta)
Rusty Haynes (Raleigh)
Matt White (Wilmington)
Mike Brocki  (SC’s Funniest Comic 2015)
Fray Forde (Atlanta)
Andy Rider (Charleston)
Jake Steward (Charlotte)
Shane Smith (Raleigh)
Steve Howze (Richmond)
Jessica “It’s All Good” Williams (Atlanta)
Tom Keller (Michigan)
Brent Blakeney (Raleigh)
Nick Shaheen (Atlanta)
JusMike (Raleigh)
Jordan Scott Huggins (Charlotte)
Peter Schwartz (Charleston)
Jennifer Lynch (Atlanta)
Jason Farr (SC’s Funniest Comic 2014)
Justin Blackburn (Asheville)
Evan Valetine (Atlanta)
Spencer Taylor (Charlotte)
Art Sturtevant (Asheville)
David Perdue (Atlanta)
Hunter Gardner (Charleston)
Austin Chardac (Atlanta)
Michael Channing (Asheville)
Most RACES Show on Earth (Charleston)
As well as our annual Carolina’s Funniest Comic contest featuring comics from North and South Carolina!