Mind If We Crash Here?

Have you ever seen an improv show and wanted to try it? Have you ever wanted to watch someone else try improv for possibly the first time? Do you want a place to take an improv test-flight where crashing is not only allowed but encouraged as part of the learning process?

Well you‘re in luck, partner.

Mind If We Crash Here? is Alchemy Comedy’s open-to-all improv jam and indy team showcase, as well as a joyous celebration of trying new, scary, fun things. People new to improv are encouraged to come on stage and try it, seasoned improvisers are challenged to try something new, and everyone is requested to make all landings as soft as possible.


If you are on or have formed an Independent Team and would like to be featured in an upcoming Mind If We Crash Here? team slot, email ben@greenvilleimprov.com with the following
Subject including: Mind if we Crash Here
Description of Format:
Number of Players that will be Performing:
Team Name (optional):


Mind If We Crash Here?