May 16th/17th: Harold Night! Sketch Review! Local Legends with Jenna Tamisiea!

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Friday May 16th

7:30PM – Harold Night and Hardworking Men doing Hardworking Improv ($8)

One of Alchemy’s goals is to connect the Greenville improv community with the larger world of improvisational comedy. Originally created by one of the founders of modern improv in Chicago, the Harold dates back to the 1960s and has maintained status as one of the oldest and most popular improv formats. Alchemy Comedy’s Harold Night is a showcase of Alchemy’s Harold team and this week also features a performance by Hardworking Men doing Hardworking Improv. According to a fax from Rutherford Shackleford and Bogg Schmidt, “our show is scientifically engineered to get people laughing but also thinking but also thinking about workin ‘hard [sic].”

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from Jenna Tamisiea ($10)jenna-tamisiea

At Friday’s 9 o’clock show, stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on the stories from the co-founder and artistic director of GLOW, Jenna Tamisiea. Jenna has her BFA in acting and her MFA in directing, and has performed and directed both musical and straight theater with companies across the South and Southeast, including Greenville’s own Centre Stage. Her theatre company GLOW was founded in 2010 and stands for Greenville Light Orchestra Works. The 2014 season will feature performances at the Peace Center’s Gunter Auditorium including Rent and La Bohème. Since her true stories inspire the show, there’s a high likelihood of some amateur opera-singing.

Saturday May 17th

7:30PM – Dual Duel: Competitive Improv Comedy  ($8)

This Saturday’s 7:30pm show is Alchemy Comedy’s players in Dual Duel. Two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. There will be a few familiar games like those featured on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, as well as some Alchemy originals. In this week’s show it’s Ben and Andrew on the Blue Team vs Brad and Miguel on the Red Team. Come out and help decide who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but since it’s all made up on the spot, you’ve definitely never seen this show!

9:00PM – Sketch Review: Randomized Sketch Comedy ($10)

At 9 o’clock on Saturday is the premier of our new house sketch comedy team, Sketch Review! Sketch Review is a make-shift sketch comedy show. Although all the sketches are written and rehearsed beforehand, the order is decided at random by that night’s audience. Every show features new sketches and (of course) a new order. Some pieces are poignant and some are political. Some are serious and some are absurd. Some are musical and some are silent. It’s everything you would expect from a formal sketch revue, but in review!