May 9th/10th: Improv Games! Improvised Movies! Local Legends with Whitney Walters!

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Friday May 9th

King of the Mountain

7:30PM – King of the Mountain: Competitive Improv Games ($8)

It’s a full on comedy battle royale! Eight players competing for points and your laughs. You may have seen some games like this on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, but here the points matter. It’s a head to head tournament where players are eliminated, dreams are made, and one is named comedy king for the evening. This week it’s Andrew vs. Brad vs. Griffin vs. Jeff vs. Meg vs. Harry. Come out and help crown this week’s champion.

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from Whitney Walters ($10)WhitneyWalters

At Friday’s 9 o’clock show, stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on the stories from local singer, Whitney Walters. Whitney has been performing around the Upstate since 1999 when she started with Indigo City. She currently sings lead vocals in three bands: Whitney Walters & the Sound (70s Funk), a big horn band performing at several festivals, and Groove Planet. This Friday you can hear Whitney tell true stories of her life to inspire a full hour of improv as this week’s Local Legend.

Saturday May 10th

7:30PM – Dual Duel: Competitive Improv Comedy  ($8)

This Saturday’s 7:30pm show is Alchemy Comedy’s players in Dual Duel. Two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. There will be a few familiar games like those featured on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, as well as some Alchemy originals. In this week’s show it’s Andrew and Taylor on the Blue Team vs Harrison and Cat on the Red Team. Come out and help decide who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but since it’s all made up on the spot, you’ve definitely never seen this show!

9:00PM – Homage: Improvised Movie and Double Feature ($10)

At 9 o’clock this Saturday, house team Homage, with their show the Improvised Movie. A half-hour set in the style of your favorite movies based on a single suggestion from the audience. Then in the second half the two-man movie Double Feature will project a movie they have never seen before and give all the dialogue right before your very eyes. Two movies in one show!

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