April 18th/19th: Slimprov with guests Mock Turtle Soup and Heroes of Hilarity Stand up

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Friday April 18th

StudentShowcasePicture7:30PM – Slimprov and Clemson’s Mock Turtle Soup ($8)

Alchemy’s two gangliest founders perform one scene with lots of moving parts in Slimprov. They come in at a combined 12 feet and 300 pounds, and these lightweight heavyhitters bring the laughs with patient scenework, real emotion, and tons of bits. Interesting fact about Slimprov, it did not start at Alchemy. The first performance was in 2009 at Clemson University as part of a Mock Turtle Soup show. Things come full circle as Slimprov and the current cast of MTS share the bill for this Friday’s early show.

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from the members of Mock Turtle Soup ($10)Legends

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on stories from the members of Clemson University’s improv troupe, Mock Turtle Soup.  Mock Turtle Soup performs monthly short form and long form improv shows for Clemson’s student body and the surrounding area.  They’ve been trained by professional improvisers at festivals as well as their annual trip to the home of modern improv, Chicago. It is a great pleasure to host Mock Turtle Soup since it’s the team where many of the current Alchemy members got their start.

Saturday April 19th

Dual Duel7:30PM – Dual Duel: Competitive Improv Games ($8)

Now in it’s regular time, this Saturday’s 7:30 show is Alchemy Comedy’s players in Dual Duel. Two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. There will be a mix of familiar games like those featured on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, some Alchemy favorites, and a lot of suggestions from the audience.  Every week features the Red team vs. the Blue team vying for your affections. Come out and help decide who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but you probably haven’t seen it like this!

9:00PM – Stand Up Comedy from the Heroes of Hilarity Tour ($10)HoH Poster1

Continuing our weekend of Clemson invasion, we’ve got Clemson grad and touring comic Viet Huynh and his “Heroes of Hilarity” doing a one-time stand up comedy show. They are out of town guests coming in to make your laugh and for a good cause. A portion of the tickets at the door will go to the Brian E. Kiley Memorial Fund. Come out and laugh at this one time show

Viet will be joined by Mike Haun, Mia Jackson, and Alchemy’s own Jason Farr.

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