April 4th/5th: March Madness Finals for Dual Duel and Cagematch, Local Legends with John Moore!

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Friday April 4th

Dual Duel7:30PM – Dual Duel March Madness Semi-Finals ($8)

This Friday’s early show is the SemiFinals of Alchemy Comedy’s 2nd Annual Dual Duel March Madness! Normally in Dual Duel, it’s two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. This week the penultimate installment of March Madness Dual Duel pits 8 players from the qualifying rounds against each other in comedy Battle Royale. This Friday, find out which 4 teams move on to the finals from: Socioeconomic Research, Grandyose, Snugglefist, JNCO Jeans, Brownies, Humorang, Shiv to Wen, and MCAT. With names like that, you know you don’t want to miss it.

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from John Moore ($10)45052_467696816141_6407134_n

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of a local person of note. This week hear stories from John Moore of Brains on Fire marketing. John’s got a long history with marketing as marketing manager for Starbuck’s and director of national marketing with Whole Foods. He consulted independently with the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice, and is currently Chief of Wahoo for Brains on Fire. John’s also written several business books (including co-writing The Passion Conversation), and he speaks around the world to marketers about building captivating brands and engaging your audience. This Friday he’ll be speaking at Alchemy Comedy and engaging our audience with stories of his life to inspire this week’s Local Legends.

Saturday April 5th

Dual Duel7:30PM – Dual Duel March Madness Finals ($8)

This Saturday’s early show is the Finals for the 2014 Dual Duel March Madness competition. In a normal Dual Duel show, two duos face off in comedy competition for your laughs performing scenes based on your suggestions. This Friday’s 7:30 pits the winning teams against each other in a short-form showdown, but this Saturday the 2 winning teams move on to this main event. The Finals is sure to entertain while using the applause and laughter from you the audience to separate the winners from the almost winners. Come out this Saturday night and change the course of history!

9:00PM – CageMatch March Madness Finals ($10)CAGEMATCH

The past month’s CageMatches have differed from the normal model of “2 teams enter, the winning team remains for a new challenger” as we’ve been in the midst of our March Madness CageMatch Tournament. Well that is coming to a close this Saturday with 3 teams coming together to be crowned Alchemy’s 2014 long-form improv champions. We’ve got three teams that have already won one CageMatch to get here.

Team 1: The many thought-lines, pathways, and possibilities of Detours
Team 2: The boys are back in the game in the all-male Himprov
Team 3: The skinny, slender and tender members of Slimprov, Harrison and Ben*

*Ben Burris will not be performing in this week’s Slimprov month because of ongoing allegations of performance enhancers, so Benny Parks will be playing opposite of Harrison Brookie.

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