March 28th/29th: 401 Showcase, March Madness Dual Duel and Cagematch, and Local Legends with Robert Young!

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Friday March 28th

StudentShowcasePicture7:30PM – 401 Student Showcase and Trifecta ($8)

Each of our improv classes explores improv games, patterns, and scenes in a way that builds to a full concept of what is commonly called long-form improv. The most famous of these formats is a show called “Harold,” originally created by Del Close at iO Chicago and pioneered by modern comedy icons. This Friday, the most recent graduates of Alchemy’s Improv 401 class will perform their first Harold in front of an audience, and you have the opportunity to be that audience. Closing out the early show is Jason Underwood and Harrison Brookie and a guest in Trifecta.

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from  Robert Young of Borderlands and SC ComiCon ($10)

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of a local VIP. This week’s guest is Robert Young. Robert is the current owner of Borderlands Comics at the corner of Laurens and Pleasantburg. Borderlands Comics and Games is your destination for geeking out in Greenville. Robert and his crew pride themselves on being a full-fledged comic book store and a full-fledged gaming store with old and new comics, graphic novels, tabletop games, miniatures, you name it. Robert’s got over 20 years in the business of comics and games, and we’re excited to have him back as this week’s Local Legend to tell you all about it.

Saturday March 29th

Dual Duel7:30PM – Dual Duel March Madness ($8)

This Saturday’s early show is part of Alchemy Comedy’s 2nd Annual Dual Duel March Madness! Normally in Dual Duel, it’s two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. This month, each victory also helps decide the winner of a tournament ending with the finals on April 5th. In this week’s show it’s Darren and Walter on the Red Team vs Cat and Miguel on the Blue Team. Come out and choose who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but you probably haven’t seen it like this!

9:00PM – March Madness CageMatch with Femmeprov vs. Himprov ($10)CAGEMATCH

CageMatch is a clashing of two improv teams showcasing their talent for audience votes. The winner moves on to become the champion for the next CageMatch, competing against a new challenger. This week it’s the Harold Battle of the Sexes with Femmeprov vs. Himprov

Femmeprov and Himprov are teams that will be performing the classic Harold improv form, but they are divided on gender lines – if that wasn’t made painfully obvious by the names.  Come on out and vote for your favorite team (or just vote for your favorite gender, whatever, we won’t judge you.)

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