February 21st/22nd: Far Sketched! Slimprov! Local Legends Returns! March Madness 2014!

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Friday February 21st

slimprov7:30PM – Far Sketched and Slimprov ($8)

Friday’s early show features a special guest performance from Anderson University’s Far Sketched Improv Troupe. Far Sketched is the Improv Troupe at Anderson University! They started at Anderson University in 2010 and regularly do short form and long form shows on-campus. Rounding out the 7:30 show is Alchemy’s own Slimprov. Slimprov is two half-men making a full stage with one long scene in which they play all the characters.

9:00PM – Local Legends with stories from the members of Far Sketched ($10)1040023_564987413537768_1956826348_o

At 9, stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on true stories from the members of Far Sketched. Fresh off of their performance at our 7:30 show, these college kids are going to bring stories from their life to inspire scenes from the cast of Local Legends. You haven’t seen any Local Legends shows for a while because of the Carolina’s Funniest Comic Stand-up competition, but we’re back!

Saturday February 22nd

Dual Duel7:30PM – Dual Duel March Madness ($8)

This Saturday’s early show starts Alchemy Comedy’s 2nd Annual Dual Duel March Madness! Normally in Dual Duel, it’s two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. This month, each victory also helps decide the winner of a tournament ending with the finals on April 5th. In this week’s show it’s Ben and Jeff on the Red Team vs Taylor and Molly on the Blue Team. Come out and choose who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but you probably haven’t seen it like this!

9:00PM – CageMatch March Madness Slimprov vs. Them Again! ($10)CAGEMATCH

CageMatch is a clashing of two improv teams showcasing their talent for audience votes. The winner moves on to become the champion for the next CageMatch, competing against a new challenger. This week pits the delightfully light Slimprov vs. the returning shenanigans of Them Again!

Slimprov : If you combined Ben Burris and Harrison Brookie into one person they’d be over 12 feet of knees, elbows, and necks. Weighing in at a combined 300 lbs, these featherweight men throw heavy comedy-punches in a form that’s just 2 men, 2 chairs, and a stage.

Them Again! : Do call it a comeback! Them Again! is Alchemy Comedy Theater’s first ever 501 House Team. From a single scene, they create an entire world. Going back to that original scene throughout as the backbone of the show. Be sure not to miss this completely improvised, completely hilarious show!

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