February 14th/15th: Improv 101 and 301 Showcases, and FREE Comedy Film Screenings

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Friday, February 14th

7:30PM – Improv 101 Student Showcase ($8)StudentShowcasePicture

Our early show on Friday is the student showcase for our most recent Improv 101 students. This introductory course teaches the essentials of good improv scenes to students and provides even total novices with the skills to create fun and solid improv scenes. The show will consist of improv scenes and games with an emphasis on the basic building blocks of improvised performance. Come out and cheer on the students of 101 as they take the stage, some of them performing for the first time.

9:00PM – FREE Screening of Trust Us: This is All Made Up

The late show this Valentine’s Day will be a screening of a documentary about two of the most famous improvisers in the country, TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi. I could attempt to describe their mind-blowing show, but I’ll let the New York Times do it: “The comics TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi miraculously improvise a one-hour play at every performance. This is an impressive feat of mental athletics, but the results are also observant, complex and frequently enormously funny.”

Saturday, February 15th

StudentShowcasePicture7:30PM – Improv 301 Student Showcase ($8)

Saturday’s early show is the Improv 301 Student Showcase. Improv 301 teaches students to not only play short-form improv games like you’d see in our Dual Duel or King of the Mountain shows, but it prepares them to plan and create a show made up of short improv games and scenes. For their showcase, the students will perform an hour-long improv set playing games they learned in this class, building on the skills from our 101 and 201 classes.

9:00PM – FREE Screening of The Delmonic Interviews

The late show this Saturday will be a documentary about Del Close, “the most famous person in comedy that nobody knows.” Del not only created long-form improv comedy, but his concept of “Harold” is used as the culmination of our training center curriculum. Popular comedy site Splitsider.com describes him this way: “Close’s influence on the comedy world is amazing, and grows every year. It’s incredible that one person, even a complicated genius like him, has had such an impact.”

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