December 20th/21st: Friday and Saturday Shows including John Boyanoski, 201 and Sketch Showcases, and more

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Friday December 20th


8:00PM – Homage: Improvised Movie and Improv 201 Student Showcase ($5)

The first show this weekend opens up with the most recent graduates of our Improv 201 class. This class builds on the basic concepts of creating a scene to building something sustainable with more advanced scenework skills. Closing out the 8 is Alchemy’s newest house team, Homage: Improvised Movie. Homage will be performing improv in the style of several short movies in their signature format, Vignettes.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from John Boyanoski ($8)JohnBoyanoski

At 9:30 stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on the stories from president of Complete Public Relations, John Boyanoski. John got his start as an award winning newspaper reporter, but now works in public relations helping clients around the region manage their media interactions and communication. John is also a published author of several books about the Upstate including Reimagining Greenville with Knox White and several books about ghost stories in the area.

Around town, John is heavily involved with many community organizations including leadership positions with (though certainly not limited to) PULSE, LEAD, Greenville Forward, Friends of the Greenville Zoo, The Leaedership Council for Greenville’s Meals on Wheels, Hands on Greenville, and others. With that much on his plate it’s no wonder he was listed as one of the Best of Brightest 2012 by the magazine Greenville Business. This Friday at 9:30 you can hear him tell true stories of his life to inspire a full hour of improv as this week’s Local Legend.

Saturday November 16th

StudentShowcasePicture7:30PM – Sketch Student Showcase: The Sketch Review ($5)

Our early show on Saturday is the student showcase for our first ever Sketch 301 students. This course builds on the prior scenework knowledge and applies those skills to making an entirely original sketch show. All of the 30+ sketches in this show have been written by the performers in the last 6 weeks. For the first time come see what happens when our performers have the luxury of time, a backspace key, and a script.

9:00PM – CageMatch with 3’s Co. vs Detours ($8)CAGEMATCH

At 9 o’clock this Saturday, Alchemy continues the CageMatch series pitting elite performers against rotating challengers. CageMatch is a clashing of two improv teams showcasing their talent for audience votes. The winner moves on to become the champion for the next CageMatch, competing against a new challenger.

This week’s champion is 3’s Co. : Unlike the sitcom, this house of three is made up of Jason Underwood, Ben Burris and Meg Pierson as GIRL. This high-class team will be performing scenes based on candid couple interviews, making no attempts to hide the fun from Mr. Roper.

This week’s challenger is Detours : Have you ever seen an improv scene and wondered what it would be like if one small choice had been made differently? Well Detours provides the response to those wonderings by taking the same core scene and showing multiple sides of the same elements like visions into an alternate world or disparate branches stemming from the same tree.

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