Carolina’s Funniest Comic Stand-up Competition

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CFCCarolina’s Funniest Comic 2014  is over 60 comedians from North and South Carolina that will compete for over $1500 in cash and prizes. The SC shows will run January and February, Fridays and Saturdays, at the Alchemy Comedy Theater in Greenville, SC and the winner will be crowned South Carolina’s Funniest Comic. Them and the runner up will compete with the NC finalists in Chapel Hill, NC Audience vote decides the winner!

Round 1A: Friday, Jan 17th 9PM (10 COMICS perform 5 min)

  1. Shivani Nadarajah
  2. Jeff Felton
  3. Miguel Osornio
  4. Justin Thompson
  5. Clint Nohr
  6. Kennedy Robertson
  7. Craig Longino
  8. Carolyn Flower
  9. Travis Ramey
  10. Charlie Grey

Charlie Grey, Kennedy Robertson, Shivani Nadarajah, Justin Thompson, and Miguel Osornio will all be moving to the next round!

Round 1B: Friday, Jan 24th 9PM (10 COMICS perform 5 min)

  1. Evan Harris
  2. Craig Holcombe
  3. Justin Blackburn
  4. Andrew Cummins
  5. Jason Farr
  6. Rex Swindoll
  7. Nick Murphy
  8. Jennifer Snyder
  9. Rigel Pawlak
  10. Lydia Currie

Justin Blackburn, Jason Farr, Craig Holcombe, Jenn Snyder, and Rex Swindoll will all be moving to the next round!

Round 1C: Saturday, Jan 25th 9PM (10 COMICS perform 5 min)

  1. Michael Channing
  2. Tom Emmons
  3. Taylor Dorsett
  4. Mona Lisa Harrison
  5. Adam Schulte
  6. Fray Forde
  7. Adam Cook
  8. Cary Goff
  9. Jordan Wilson
  10. Ben Burris

Ben Burris, Tom Emmons, Fray Forde, Cary Goff, and Andrew Van  will all be moving to the next round!

The top 5 comics from each round will move on and then the comics themselves will choose one of the eliminated comics to move on as a wild card.

Round 2A: Friday, Jan 31st 9PM (8 COMICS perform 7 min)

  1. Justin Thompson
  2. Kennedy Robertson
  3. Jason Farr
  4. Jenn Snyder
  5. Ben Burris
  6. Charlie Grey
  7. Craig Holcombe
  8. Miguel Osornio

Round 2B Saturday, Feb 1st 9PM 
(8 COMICS perform 7 min)

  1. Andrew Van
  2. Tom Emmons
  3. Justin Blackburn
  4. Rex Swindoll
  5. Shivani Nadarajah
  6. Carolyn Flower (Wildcard)
  7. Fray Forde
  8. Cary Goff

[Congratulations to Tom Emmons, Cary Goff, Shivani Nadarajah, Jason Farr, Jenn Snyder, and Kennedy Robertson]

SC Semi-Finals: Friday, Feb 7th 9PM (6 COMICS perform 9 min)

  1. Cary Goff
  2. Shivani Nadarajah
  3. Tom Emmons
  4. Jason Farr
  5. Jenn Snyder
  6. Kennedy Robertson

[Congratulations to Cary Goff, Shivani Nadarajah, Tom Emmons, Jason Farr, Jenn Snyder, Kennedy Robertson for moving on to the FINAL Round]

SCFC Finals: Saturday, Feb 8th 9PM (4 COMICS perform 12 min)
[Top two (2) move on to the CFC FINAL Round in Chapel Hill, NC and receive a free hotel room there. The 3rd and 4th place comics walk with $50]

Congratulations to Shivani Nadarajah and Jason Farr for being our 2 SC competitors moving on to the CFC Final Round.

Then the final round in Chapel Hill, NC to see who is named CAROLINA’S Funniest Comic
CFC Finals: Sunday Feb 16th 9PM (each comic performs 15 min)
[FINALS PRIZE BREAKDOWN: Top prize: $1000, Carolina’s Funniest Comic Title and FREE entry into the 2015 NC Comedy Arts Festival, Second: $300, Third: $150, Fourth: $50, Fifth: $50]

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