December 6th: Harold Night and Local Legends with TIGEROAR

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8:00PM –  Harold Night: Long Form Improv ($5)

One of Alchemy’s goals is to connect the Greenville improv community with the larger world of improvisational comedy. Originally created by one of the founders of modern improv in Chicago, the Harold dates back to the 1960s and has maintained status as one of the oldest and most popular improv formats. Alchemy Comedy’s Harold Night is a monthly showcase of Alchemy’s Harold team and our new incubator Harold team, Harry. Come watch improvisers create entire shows out of your suggestions.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from TIGEROAR ($8)Tigeroar2

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of a guest. This week’s guests are the members of Clemson University’s all-male a cappella group TIGEROAR. Since 1997, they’ve been seen and heard around Clemson’s campus singing at events or their 2 annual on-campus concerts. TIGEROAR has also travelled for shows around the Atlantic region and made it onto several collegiate a cappella compilation CDs. You can catch their newest album “On the Hunt” on iTunes, but you can only catch them telling stories to inspire Local Legends this Friday at 9:30.

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