[BOGO] November 29th: King of the Mountain and Local Legends with Wofford Jones

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[All shows for Black Friday will be Buy-One-Get-One-Free]

King of the Mountain8:00PM – King of the Mountain: Competitive Improv Games ($5)

It’s a full on comedy battle royale! Eight players competing for points and your laughs. You may have seen some games like this on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, but here the points matter. It’s a head to head tournament where players are eliminated, dreams are made, and one is named comedy king for the evening. This week it’s Harrison vs Griffin vs Jason vs Andrew vs Miguel vs Darren vs Harry vs Taylor. Come out and help crown this week’s champion!

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Wofford Jones ($8)Wofford Jones

At 9:30 stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on the stories from Actor/Photographer/Filmmaker Wofford Jones.Whether it’s live on stage or behind the camera, Wofford has been involved in productions throughout Greenville for years . This Friday you can hear him tell true stories of his life to inspire a full show of completely improvised scene as this week’s Local Legend.

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