November 22nd: Dual Duel and Local Legends with the Warehouse Theatre’s Paul Savas

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8:00PM – Dual Duel: Competitive Improv Games ($5)

This Friday’s 8pm show is Alchemy Comedy’s players in Dual Duel. Two duos in a head-to-head comedy competition for points and your laughs. There will be a few familiar games like those featured on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, as well as some Alchemy favorites. In this week’s show it’s Andy and Nicole on the Blue Team vs Ben and Kayla on the Red Team. Come out and help decide who walks away a victor, and who simply walks away. You may have seen improv games before, but you probably haven’t seen it like this!

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Paul Savas of the Warehouse Theatre ($8)


At 9:30 stories from a guest inspire scenes from the all-star cast of Local Legends. This week, see scenes based on the stories of the Warehouse Theatre’s Executive & Artistic Director, Paul Savas. Paul has been in charge of the Warehouse Theatre since June of 2007, pushing the envelope with alternative shows including last year’s record-breaking run of Rocky Horror. Next month marks the beginning of the Warehouse Theatre’s ambitious run of the Broadway comedy Avenue Q. Come out this Friday and see scenes based on the true stories of Paul Savas.

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