October 25th: Teacher’s Pet/ImprompTWO, and Local Legends celebrating Jenn Newsome

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ImprompTWO8:00PM – Teacher’s Pet and ImprompTWO ($5)

This is a very unique week of Alchemy Comedy. It’s the last week before our regular season of shows starts back up so we have one last special show, this time featuring the instructors and students of our training center. First it’s ImprompTWO in which the head of the Training Center, Harrison Brookie, pulls a random company member’s name out of a hat for one long scene. Then Teacher’s Pet, a set in which all the instructors of our training center randomly select one lucky student from one of our 3 current classes to come on stage for a set. Come see why at Alchemy Comedy people who teach also do.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from friends of Jenn Newsome ($8)1370032_10201723150218910_900322390_o

Friday’s second show usually features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of a local celebrity. This week, Alchemy sends up a very special goodbye to one of our players by having 5 separate storytellers come up and tell their favorite story about her. Jenn Newsome has been a part of Alchemy Comedy since starting classes in early 2012 and joining the theater last fall. She’s leaving to head back to Raleigh in November and this will be her last show at Coffee Underground, so come out to see improv from Local Legends, and a guest performance by/stories about Jenn Newsome.

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