October 18th: Laughtrack, Trifecta and Local Legends with guests from Theatre 99

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Trifecta8:00PM – Laughtrack and Trifecta ($5)

This week we have another guest team sharing the stage with Alchemy as Laughtrack comes up from Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC. Rather than going the traditional route of asking the audience for a word, they to let the audience tell their DJ when to play music, which inspires a series of scenes. Opening up for Laughtrack is Trifecta: the 3-man team made up of Jason, Harrison, and a guest.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from members of Laughtrack ($8)T99

Alchemy brings in outside guests because one of our goals is to connect Greenville to the larger improv community. This week Local Legends will feature stories from a visiting improv team, the members of Laughtrack performing in the early show. Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Laughtrack is an unconventional improv group that has been performing at Theatre 99 for nearly two years. Each improviser is a company member at Theatre 99, Charleston’s home for improv comedy. Come out to Coffee Underground this Friday to see two great shows you can’t see anywhere else!

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