August 30th: Them Again!, Slimprov, and Local Legends with Nick Shaheen

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Them Again!8:00PM –  Them Again! and Slimprov ($5)

Them Again! is a show in which one audience suggestion forms a scene, which creates a world, which becomes the structure of the fully improvised set. Scenes will branch off from lone ideas in the source scene, then return to create a rich universe on stage. Closing out the 8 o clock show is one of our independent teams, Slimprov. This team is a combined 12 feet – 300 pounds, and features two half-men (Ben and Harrison) making one full set where they call all the shots, take all the risks, and play all the characters. 2 teams, 1 show, 5 dollars.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Nick Shaheen ($8)NickShaheen2

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of stand-up comedian Nick Shaheen. Nick is a pillar of the local stand-up comedy scene, not only performing around town every week but creating shows in new venues with his company Stand Up State. In the last year he’s started weekly comedy shows at Habiba on Haywood, Gringo’s downtown, and Whiskey’s Tavern in Taylors as well as a bi-weekly show at the Fox in Anderson. These shows feature not only local comics, but touring comics from around the country including the comedy central and late night circuits. The work he’s done to build the stand-up scene has earned him the nick-name “the Godfather” of upstate comedy. We are pleased to have him return to Local Legends for five more stories about his life.

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