June 7th: Improv Crossover with GVIFF and Local Legends with Michael Robinson

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GVIFF48:00PM – Them Again! performs improv based on short films from GVIFF ($10)

Alchemy’s newest house team, created by graduates of the improv 501 class, is Them Again! This Friday marks their first show; a crossover event with the Greenville International Film Festival. In conjunction with the Friday night block of films in the film festival, Them Again! will perform a series of scenes based on each of the short films in the “Humor” category. Come out to see a one of-a-kind mash-up event of short films and long-form improv live (kind of) at Coffee Underground! Also there will be swag!

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Michael Robinson($8)TedXFurmanU

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of Michael Robinson. Michael is the organizer for TEDx FurmanU 2014 : Stories. TEDx events are local, self-organized events to share what the TED organization calls “ideas worth spreading.” Next year’s TEDx FurmanU centers around the theme of stories as motivations, as inspirations, and ideas that move us.  It only seems fitting that the true-life stories from this ambitious young man will be the inspiration for this week’s Local Legends.

This week introducing the newest cast-member of Local Legends: Lena Roper!

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