April 12th: Student Showcase and Local Legends with Alchemy’s Students

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StudentShowcasePicture8:00PM –  Improv 201 and 401 Student Showcase ($5)

Our first show this Friday features the graduates of our most recent Improv 201 and Improv 401 classes. They’ve spent weeks learning and preparing for this moment. Come out this week and support them as they take new skills to the stage for the first time. If you think an improv class sounds like fun and you want to learn more about our training center, you can find more information  here.  Our next Improv 101 class begins Monday, June 3rd.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from our 201 and 401 Students ($8)Classroom

In Local Legends a guest from a local business, project, or other person of note is invited to come tell their stories as inspiration for a series of improvised scenes. This week, we have brought you some of the most eclectic, inspirational, unique, and fun members of the Upstate, our students. Normally, one guest tells five 2-minute stories to inspire scenes, but this week the name of one student from our 8 o’clock showcase will be randomly drawn at each story break. Come out to be entertained, and for a chance to get to know our students better than we do.

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