April 5th: Dual Duel March Madness Finals

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8:00PM – Dual Duel: March Madness: Final 5 ($5)

This Friday’s 8pm is the Final 5 semi-finals event for Alchemy’s first ever Dual Duel March Madness. These comedy duos have been going head to head all month for your laughs and the chance to be in this show. Instead of Dual Duel’s usual pair of pairings you will see 5 two-person teams in comedy competition. It’s a battle for belly-laughs, a kerfuffle for chuckles, an all-out brawl for LOLs. You may have seen Dual Duel, but now we’re bringing you a Duel of Pentastic proportions.

9:30PM –Dual Duel: March Madness: Final Event($8)

At 9:30 we take a break from the regularly scheduled Local Legends to bring you the unstoppable comedy competition event of the year. The winners from the Final 5 at 8 will take each other on in a Dual Duel event like no other. Winning teams will pick 3 players from the losing semi-finals teams (like so much middle school dodgeball) making 2 mega-teams. These quintets of comedy will then each create half of a short-form improv show and the audience will vote for the winning performance.

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