February 15th: 101 and 301 Student Showcase and Free Improv Movie

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StudentShowcasePicture8:00PM – Improv 101 and 301 Student Showcase ($5)

Our first show this Friday features the graduates of our most recent Improv 101 and Improv 301 classes. They’ve spent weeks learning and preparing for this moment. Come out this week and support them while also getting an idea of what we do in our training center. If you think an improv class sounds like fun, you can check them out  here for more information.  The next Improv 101 starts Tuesday, April 2nd.

9:30PM – UCB Movie (FREE!)UCB

Alchemy Comedy’s regular 9:30 show Local Legends is inspired by a format performed across the country by many names. Some call it Mr. Diplomat, others call it the Armando Diaz Experience. At the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York City, training ground for many SNL cast members and comedy icons, they call it A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. 3000. This Friday, we’ll be screening the movie for free while Local Legends and the rest of the Alchemy Comedy Theater represents Greenville at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

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