January 11th: Stand-up Comedy and Local Legends with Michael Blaustein

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BlausteinIIII8:00PM – Michael Blaustein : Stand-up Comedy [$7]

This week’s 8 o’clock show features stand-up comedy headlined by Michael Blaustein.  You might have seen Michael in his commercial campaigns for AXE and Sprint. He has also been on the Comedy Central On Campus tour, performing at colleges across the U.S. Most recently Michael can be seen on the new and revamped version of PUNK’D for MTV. This show will also feature comedy from Kase Raso, Dan Frigolette, and Greenville’s own Nick Shaheen.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Stand-up Comics($8)Blaustein

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of the comedians of the 8 o’clock show. We’re stretching the definition of “local” to bring you stories from Michael Blaustein, Kase Raso, Dan Frigolette, and Nick Shaheen. This week, Alchemy’s Jenn Newsome to guest-perform with the cast of Local Legends.

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