Dec 28th: Celebrating Comedy at Home

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Alchemy ChristmasFor the final Friday in 2012 the Alchemy Comedy Theater will be closed. We will be practicing our comedy at home with family and friends and suggest you do the same. Since we have no more shows for the year, it’s worth noting a few ways this has been a great year for us:

  • Almost a 100 shows in Greenville with over 2500 customers total
  • Outside shows in Chapel Hill, Charleston, Minneapolis, and Arden, NC
  • Over 90 classes completed by students from our training center

Many of those include students taking each of our levels of classes, some who have joined our theater company. Since January, we’ve gone from our 4 founding members to a company of 12 (and continuing to grow). Thank you so much to our loyal audience and talented performers.

If you are interested in going from the sidelines to the stage, we have improv classes with no comedy or theater experience necessary. For Christmas Day only, if you register for our January 8th Improv 101 class and type in the promo code XMAS, you will get $50 off!

Merry Christmas,

Executive Producer and Artistic Director,

Harrison Brookie

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