November 16th: Scared SetLess and the 2nd Annual Improv Meets Stand-up

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8:00PM – Scared SetLess: Improvised Stand-up ($5) [Rated – R]

Stand-up, more often than not, is crafted before being brought in front of an audience where it is then perfected. The skill in stand-up is making these well-prepared bits sound natural and spontaneous. This Friday, comics from the region will have to improvise bits incorporating never-before-seen  ideas projected on the wall behind them.

Because of the potential for mature language and topics, we strongly recommend leaving the kids at home for this one.

9:30PM – Local Legends based on Stand-up Comedy ($8)

On November 11th, 2011, Local Legends chose for one night to break away from doing scenes based off of a guests true life stories to improv based on stand-up comedy from 5 local comics. The show was such a success that we’ve decided to make it an annual event. This Friday, comics from Stand Up State and No Expectations (the same comics who will be Scared SetLess at the 8 o’clock show) will bring the funny to Alchemy’s Local Legends stage. This is a show not to be missed, regardless of your comedic preferences.

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