October 5th: 401 Student Showcase (Harold) and Local Legends with John Oliver

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8:00PM – Improv 401 Student Showcase ($5)

Alchemy, on top of hosting two shows every Friday night, teaches improv classes at four different levels. Each level explores improv games, patterns, and scenes in a way that builds to a full concept of what is commonly called long-form improv.  The most famous of these formats is a show called “Harold,” originally created by Del Close at iO Chicago and pioneered by comedy icons and improv alums like John Belushi, Chris Farley, Tina Fey, and countless others. This Friday, the graduates of Alchemy’s Improv 401 class will perform Alchemy’s first of many Harolds, joining countless other improvisers around the world.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from John Oliver ($8)

Friday’s second show features the all-star cast of Local Legends doing improv based on the stories of voice actor John Oliver, known locally for his work with the Greenville Drive Baseball Team and the Greenville Road Warriors Ice Hockey Team. John has been using his vocal talents since he was 16 and can be heard in commercials, radio, tv, trailers, video games and other places that may surprise you (including Spinx gas stations). If you’re a parent with children who have a tough time getting to sleep, he has a CD called Sleep E Stories designed to help get kids drift off with ease.  This Friday, however, he will be entertaining Alchemy’s audiences with his stories and inspiring a show too funny to sleep through.

This Friday will also be Meg Pierson‘s last show with Alchemy as she leaves for Brazil to teach English.  As a founding member she has helped shape Alchemy into what it is now and she will be sorely missed.  Safe travels and all our love to: a great actress, a brilliant improviser, and a fantastic friend.

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