August 24th: Improv 101 and 301 Student Showcase and Local Legends with…You

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8:00PM – Improv 201 and 301 Student Showcase ($5)

Our first show this Friday features the graduates of our most recent Improv 101 and Improv 301 classes. They’ve spent weeks learning and preparing for this moment. Come out this week and support them while also getting an idea of what we do in our training center. If you think taking an improv class sounds like fun, you can check them out  here and get more information.  A new Improv 101 starts Tuesday, August 28th.

9:30PM – 1st Annual Local Legends with stories from the Audience($8)

Usually the second show features the cast of Local Legends doing improvised scenes inspired by the (approximately) 2-minute, real stories of a live, local guest.  Those guests have included writers, dentists, philosophers, psychologists, actors, public speakers, just to name a few. As young as a recent High School graduate to old enough to have grandchildren out of college.  This week, the Local Legends will be picked from the live audience.  If you want the chance to have your story be one of the stories chosen, come out this Friday at 9:30.

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