July 6: Improv and Stories from Atlanta Duo Revis and Zeiss

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8:00PM – Improv with Slimprov and Revis and Zeiss ($5)

Over the last year Alchemy has hosted a variety of comedy guests. Everything from local stand-up comedians, award winning high school speech and debate teams, accordian playing muscial comedians, North Carolina improvisers and stand-up comedians, one man shows, and even improvised movies. This week we welcome two more comedians from the Southern metropolis of Atlanta, Revis and Zeiss. Improvisers Jay Revis and Craig Zeiss make up the comedic duo known simply as Revis and Zeiss are regulars at the Relaspse Theater in Atlanta. Here’s what newsweekly Creative Loafing said about them:

a longer, improvised dramedy from the comedy team of Jay Revis and Craig Zeiss, both in their 40s, who impressively alternate between silly gags and character-driven pathos. A major subplot in one performance, for instance, depicted a grown son competing with the memory of his deceased twin sister for his elderly father’s affections. And it had laughs.

They will be opened by Alchemy cast members Ben Burris and Harrison Brookie as Slimprov!

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Revis and Zeiss ($8)

After seeing the duo perform their own show, Revis and Zeiss will take part in our weekly mainstage show, Local Legends. Jay and Craig’s stories will inspire the all star Alchemy Comedy cast to create an entirely improvised show. It’s Atlanta comedy meets Greenville comedy in a must see one time only show!

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