June 29: Talk Show with Improv & Local Legends with Upstate Toastmasters

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8:00PM – The Big Guy and Little Buddy Talk Show with improv from Face to Face ($5)

The Big Guy and Little Buddy Nighttime Morning Show is hosted by architect Jason Underwood and engineer Ben Burris. Ben’s got glasses and Jason doesn’t need them. Jason’s left handed and Ben’s right handed.  Jason’s 6′ 4″ and Ben’s 6′ 3″. When you get these two different personalites together, you don’t know what will happen. Their first guest will be local comedian Brooke Buckley, who will perform a improv set with Ben in the second half as Face to Face.

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from Upstate Toastmasters ($8)

This week our Local Legends show will feature not 1 guest, but 5. We’ve invited members of various Upstate Toastmasters organizations to come and be our guests. Toastmasters is an international organization committed to developing communication and leadership skills. With over 13,000 clubs and 270,000 members, this will be an event of global proportions! Here’s the line up: Geneva Anderson, Ron Chapman, Wanda Hunt,  Paula Bowman,  and Barb Christ.

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