June 8: Improv 101 and 201 Student Showcase & Local Legends with Alexa Woodward

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8:00PM – Improv 101 and 201 Student Showcase ($5)

Our first show this Friday features the graduates of our recent Improv 101 and Improv 201 classes. They each spent the last 6 and 12 weeks, respectively, learning perform for this show. Come out and support them and our training center. If being in classes sounds like more fun than watching classes then be sure to check out of upcoming Improv 101 class and adult, youth, and kids summer camps.



9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from musician Alexa Woodward ($8)

Our second show features the all star cast of Local Legends. This week’s show will be inspired by our special guest storyteller Alexa Woodward. Alexa’s musical blend of southern roots with the urban folk sounds has won her acclaim from NPR, No Depression, The Boston Globe, My Old Kentucky Blog, and have been featured on National Geographic, MTV,  Twilight Series, The Cartoon Network and on Fox’s “So You Think you Can Dance.”

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