June 1: SHS Speech and Debate, Bearded Ones Comedy Podcast, and Local Legends

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7:00PM – Southside High School Speech and Debate Comedy Showcase ($5)

This Friday will feature an extra special extra early 7pm show. To celebrate the end of the school year, Alchemy Comedy is hosting the award winning Southside High School Speech and Debate team. The very best students will perform their favorite comedic pieces in this must see showcase. Half of all proceeds goes to support the Southside High School team!

8:00PM – Bearded Ones Live Comedy Podcast and Trifecta ($5)

Then, Alchemy cast member Jason Underwood and co-host Evan Harris will air their comedy podcast live on stage. With over 40 episodes these two are easily the best/only comedy podcasters in Greenville, SC. The second half of this show will feature Trifecta. This team features Jason Underwood and Harrison Brookie and always with a different 3rd player. This time, it’s Evan Harris!

9:30PM – Local Legends with Evan Harris and stories from Erickson Bynum ($8)

What do you get when you combine our 7pm show and our 8pm show? Our 9:30pm show! Our final show of the evening is our weekly Local Legends show. Evan Harris will join the cast on stage to improvise scenes based on true stories from SHS Speech and Debate coach Erickson Bynum. It will be a hilarious ending to an already hilarious night of comedy.

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