May 25: Dual Duel Competitive Comedy and Local Legends with Jacob Johnson

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8:00PM – Dual Duel: Competitive Improv Comedy ($5)

This Friday the early show features the cast of Alchemy Comedy in Dual Duel. It’s not comedy about sports, it’s comedy as a sport! This show features two on two teams going head to head for your laughs. There will be some familiar games from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but with the Alchemy style unique Greenville. You may have seen improv comedy games before, you haven’t seen it like this!

9:30PM – Local Legends with stories from musician Jacob Johnson ($8)

The mainstage show features an all star cast of improvisers creating a show inspired by stories from Jacob Johnson. Jacob is a South Carolina native and folk singer who brings a little more to the stage than just simple folksy-type music. His style is well known in Greenville for recognizing that music that sounds good doesn’t always have to take itself so seriously. Yet he very serious about his music. Which is why he’s shared the stage with the likes of Edwin McCain, Tim Reynolds, and David Wilcox.

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