April 20: Mixed Signals with Slimprov & Local Legends with Stories from Mixed Signals

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8:00PM – NC’s Mixed Signals & Slimprov ($5)

This Friday night Alchemy Comedy is proud to host North Carolina improv duo Sarah Eldred and Vinny Valdivia, also known as Mixed Signals. Coming down from the DSI Comedy Theater in Chapel Hill, NC, these two bring their own brand of relationship focused scenes.

Their show consists of scenes that take place in the same location and begin with the same line of dialogue,but where they go from there can vary immensely. Opening the show for them will be Alchemy Comedy’s very own Slimprov, featuring Harrison Brookie and Ben Burris.

9:30PM – Local Legends with Mixed Signals ($8)

This week the cast of Local Legends will share the Greenville stage with Mixed Signals. Not only will they be providing the stories, but they will also be performing with us! Sarah is not only a company member at the DSI Comedy Theater, but she is also the instructor for their all  young female team IMPOWER. Vinny, also a long time company member, has been performing and creating shows all across North Carolina. With stories and scenes from these two, you can be sure this is a week of comedy you don’t want to miss!

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