April 6: Jeff Sumerel’s One Man Show and Stories from Jay Spivey

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8:00PM – NOW PLAYING and Trifecta ($5)

Before Jeff Sumerel, became a nationally recognized film-media artist, he was a nationally recognized comedic actor; working with such notable icons as Bill Maher, Sam Kinison, and Bob Saget among others.

Drawing on his past years of stand-up comedy and improvisational experiences, along with his with extensive, non-traditional filmmaking, Sumerel will single-handedly dare to take on the roles of producer, director, editor, sound effects, soundtrack, and multiple comedic characters ranging from an overzealous doctor – a bee teacher – a flamboyant cave dweller – and an 85 year-old eccentric southern lady. All while incorporating ideas provided by the audience. Definitely, a not-to-miss show! It will be followed by a short performance by Trifecta.

9:30PM – Local Legends with Jay Spivey ($8)

The full cast of Local Legends, Harrison, Jason, Ben, and Meg is back from our March Madness series and ready again for some personal stories from local celebrities.

Our stories this week will come from Jay Spivey, the Publisher and Editor of Fete Magazine. He is also on the Program Team for TEDx Greenville (which we recently performed).

Fete is an emagazine that is a “multimedia celebration of Greenville, SC.” On your computer or smart phone you can flip through the electronic pages of this monthly periodical to see what experiences downtown Greenville has to offer.

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