March Madness Improv Final Four

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All month long the cast of Alchemy Comedy has been competing in a March Madness improv competition for your laughs. For the last 3 weeks six teams of two have gone head to head for the chance to be named the Alchemy Improv Champion. The winners, Tribute, Listeners Like You, and Slimprov will all move on to the Final Four this Friday!

The losing teams, Hard Working Men Doing Hard Working Improv, Snickerdoodle, and Kinda Like Jesus, all have one last chance to make the wild card spot (videos linked). You can vote for your favorite losing team on our online Facebook poll to give them a chance at redemption. Here is the bracket schedule (with a description of each team below):

Tribute: Harrison Brookie and Meg Pierson both love improv and they both love music. Now they’ve combined them together to use an audience suggested album to inspire each of their scenes.

Hardworking Men doing Hardworking Improv: Two construction workers (played by Jason Underwood and Ben Burris) who’ve taught themselves how to do improv teach kids the values of hard work. It’s improvisers playing characters playing characters!

Snickerdoodle: Before Alchemy Comedy arrived Greenville only knew short form comedy games. Now Jason Underwood and Harrison Brookie bring you a whole new set of games you’ve never seen before… because they created them!

Listeners Like You: NPR gets its support from their audience. So does Meg Pierson and Ben Burris. Come see their entire show inspired by a fictitious NPR show. It’s all the things you love about public radio without all the things you hate.

Kind of Like Jesus:  Jason Underwood and Meg Pierson love comedy. God loves Jason Underwood and Meg Pierson. Therefore God love comedy. And he would certainly love improv in the style of fundamentalist Christians.

Slimprov: Harrison Brookie and Ben Burris are both very skinny and very funny. Watch in amazement as two men, half the size of normal people, play several different people on stage at the same time.

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