Dec 16: Guest Improvisers from North Carolina

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This week’s comedy will feature
your regular Alchemy cast and two players from the DSI Comedy Theater in Chapel Hill/Carrboro.  Vinny Valdiva and PT Scarborough are both veteran improvisers who’ve played all over the Southeast. Together they make up the two person group Fantastic Beast. With a single suggestion from the audience they will create a completely improvised world that is both fantastic and beastly.

Vinny and PT will also share some of their personal stories to inspire an abbreviated half with the Alchemy cast. Then, after intermission, PT Scarborough will do his one man show, PT Scarborough is a Movie.  Here’s a review of the show from NC’s Independent Weekly:

The show—PT Scarborough is a Movie—is aptly named. Scarborough provides the dialogue. Scarborough provides the sound effects. Scarborough even provides the ambient sounds (I won’t disclose how, but he had me giggling the whole way through). What’s more, the audience gets to pick a movie that Scarborough says he has never seen before.

So not only are viewers expecting comedic aural entertainment, but the improv stakes are high. The demands on Scarborough’s imagination and mouth are nonstop. I’ve noticed that with improv theater—and not exempting the guest acts that took the stage prior to Scarborough—you generally have to sit through a lot of misses before you get a knee-slapping hit. Yet PT Scarborough is a Movie is all hits.

Be sure not to miss this one time only show!

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