Improv 101: Introduction to Scenework

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Alchemy Improv Comedy is the only training center for improvised comedy in Greenville, SC. We are dedicated to bringing weekly shows to Greenville and ongoing improv classes. Whether you are looking improving your communication skills in the workplace or  or embracing the stage, these comedy classes are for you. There is no comedy or theater experience necessary.

The classes are taught by our resident instructor Harrison Brookie. He is a public school teacher and for the last several years has been performing and teaching improv at the DSI Comedy Theater, which has strong influenced our style and curriculum. He recently traveled to Boston, MA to teach improv comedy. His education and comedy background make him a kind yet challenging instructor.

Here’s what you gain from our training program:

  • learn the basic of improv comedy scenes
  • trained instructor feedback in and out of class
  • free admission to all Alchemy shows while enrolled
  • end of class Friday night student show

Here’s a brief description of our 101 class from the classes page:

Improv 101 is an introduction to improvising a scene. This class will focus on the fundamentals of agreement, relationship, character, and environment.

Classes have limited space, so register online or call (864) 256-1467. Or fill out this form and we’ll contact you!

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