Ben Burris

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Founding Member, Assistant Artistic Director

In college Ben was a part of Mock Turtle Soup, Clemson University’s improv troupe, from 2007 to 2011. He performed all four years, and For two of those years he was a player-director, leading workshops and directing monthly improv shows as well as an annual sketch show. College is also where Ben first tried stand-up and worked on the tragically short-lived Rapscallion humor quarterly. After graduating, Ben moved to Greenville and teamed up with Harrison, Jason U., and Meg to form Alchemy. Ben has grown along with the theater, now performing several times a week, coaching a few teams, and even teaching several of Alchemy’s improv classes (primarily 101, 201, 501, and 001 Drop-in Workshops). As an electrical engineer off-stage, he’s recently taken a job in Alaska travelling two weeks out of every month to provide more time with his wife in preparation for a move to London in the Fall of 2014.

With Mock Turtle Soup and Alchemy, Ben has taken workshops with instructors from around North America including the Annoyance, iO, Second City, Relapse, BATS, Impatient Theater Company, JaCKPie, Magnet, UCB, the Peoples Improv Theater, and DSI Comedy Theater. He’s also taken workshops in sketch, improv, storytelling, and freestyle rap with Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall, Jimmy Carrane from the Annoyance and Improv Nerd podcast, Kevin Allison from The State, and Douglas Widick and Kaila Mullady of North Coast (respectively). He’s recently performed in Festival All-Star Jams with performers from around the east coast including Richmond, Toronto, Boston, and New York (UCB, Airwolf). In early 2014, Ben took a trip to New York City to perform hip-hop improv with members of North Coast. Ben can be seen every week in Local Legends and occasionally in other teams like Slimprov, Hardworking Men doing Hardworking Improv, Listeners Like You, and Bens with Frenefits. Ben can also be seen performing stand-up around Greenville, and in his occasional brushes with film and video projects.