Phillip Whiting


2006 I began my training in short form improv at S.A.K. Comedy Lab in Orlando Florida.

2008 I form my own troupe called Power 2 Improv. I handed over control of the group to my friend Matt and they’re still going strong in Orlando. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in June at Shananagins The Orlando Comedy Festival.

2011 I moved to Greenville, got a job at GHS and work there for a few years until I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

2013 Began working at BMW, hired on in 2014 finally on day shift as of November 2018.

So after being away from the improv stage for 6 1/2 years and missing it terribly I went to a practice with the players at Carolina Improv in Myrtle Beach while on vacation.

The day I came back from the beach I found out about the Friday night Jam (Mind if we crash here) at Alchemy and jump in it that night.

The people from Carolina Improv put me in contact with Harrison and I started Alchemy 101 Improv class a few weeks later and went all the way through 401. 
Then join the company April 2018, playing on the team MashUp.

Also in January 2018 I formed another troupe/Indy team called NEVER DECAF IMPROV. We perform once a month in Greer SC.