Miley White


During her recovery from appendix surgery, Miley finally had some time off from the fast-paced corporate world that had consumed her time for the past few years to read "Art Nurture" by Court McCracken and was reminded of how important it was to reconnect with her creative self.  On the hunt for an outlet, she attended an Alchemy improv show and was immediately intrigued by the quality of the performance and moved by the close friendships of the people in the company.  Miley has been taking classes since August 2014 and has enjoyed every second of it! When she's not on stage, she's still cracking jokes at the gym because laughter and exercise are the best preventive medicine!  She says of improvising with Alchemy Comedy, "It's both stress relieving, empowering, and just plain fun! I love helping people laugh after a long day and getting a good laugh myself!  Sometimes all you need to find your funny bone is to lose your appendix!  It's all about the essentials."