Joe Johnson


Joe started improv in 2012. He is a graduate of Alchemy and is a founding member of (now defunct) Razing Awareness, a long form musical improv troupe from Tampa, FL. After living in Florida for two years, Joe is back in Greenville performing with Alchemy. Joe has a passion for comedy. In addition to improv, he also dabbles in stand-up comedy, acting, sketch comedy, and Toastmasters. Joe graduated from Clemson University in Chemical Engineering and is a Power Process Engineer.

Joe has participated in many comedy workshops including: Sketch comedy workshop with Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall. Improv workshops with Charna Halpern, DSI Comedy’s Zach Ward, Magnet Theater’s Chet Siegel, Alan Fessenden, and Rick Andrews, HUGE Theater’s Jill Bernard, Theater 99’s Greg Tavares, Comedian Micah Sherman, Improv Boston’s John Serpico, UCB’s Josh Sharp, and freestyle rapping workshops with members of NorthCoast. During his time in Florida, he has done workshops or performed with members of Post Dinner Conversation, The Third Thought, The Box Theater, Improv Addicts, and Florida Studio Theatre.