Brooke Johnston


Brooke joined Alchemy Comedy in 2015, after enduring lonely lifetime obsessions with Carol Burnett, Steve Martin, Chris Farley, and The Three Stooges (NOT Shemp). Her theater career peaked in fifth grade, when she performed on The Kangaroo Kids jump rope team, sang “Flashdance” in the school talent show, had a solo in “Annie,” and subjected her immediate family members to hundreds of living room-based dance performances. She has spent the ensuing years attempting to reclaim that former glory.

Brooke is particularly grateful for the life lessons of improv comedy: trust yourself, trust your partner, support the people you encounter, and keep it up—even if it makes you sweat through your shirt. She enjoys dreaming up ways to bring these positive messages to the medical settings in which she works. She has a real job but is usually thinking about bluegrass music or improv. Or ice cream. Mostly ice cream.